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I'm having a similar issue. The server is running fine but I'm trying to make a script to auto-add books in a certain directory. If I invoke the command:

calibredb add --recurse --with-library="" --username="kleedrac" --password=</home/kleedrac/pwd> "/home/kleedrac/calibre/toadd"

it returns "-bash: /home/kleedrac/calibre/toadd/: is a directory"

If I reword it to
calibredb add --with-library="" --username="kleedrac" --password=</home/kleedrac/pwd> --recurse "/home/kleedrac/calibre/toadd/"

it says nothing in the terminal but creates a file called --recurse in the /home/kleedrac/calibre/toadd/ folder! What am I doing wrong? The server is invoked with both --enable-local-write and --enable-auth

EDIT: Apparently I didn't read the documentation closely enough and wasn't escaping the <> characters. The command as it worked was:

calibredb add /home/kleedrac/calibre/toadd/ --recurse --with-library="" --username="kleedrac" --password="<f:/home/kleedrac/pwd>"

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