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the Check library tool has three phases
Agreed. There seems to be a fourth preliminary phase, but I have no idea what it is doing. It lasts under 5 minutes. Likewise, the first (vacuuming) phase is relatively fast – perhaps 30 minutes.

I believe Calibre is at the end of phase two or three. I am guessing it is at the end of phase three given

1.) the length of time the tool has been running.

2.) the fact that all processes aside from calbre.exe and calibre-parallel.exe have ended and calbre.exe and calibre-parallel.exe are clearly dormant and have been so for some time after having used nearly all of the disk's read/write capacity (97%-99%), about half to two-thirds of available memory, and surprisingly little CPU – perhaps 20%, on average, for a week.

3.) that the tool has stopped at the most recent book added to the library. After a Calibre update, which was done just before thinning, John Schember's "Quick Start Guide" is always added to the main Calibre Library.

4.) the Check Library dialogue box is at exactly 100%.

The above are all my own observations and may be entirely irrelevant. In truth, I have very little knowledge of Calibre's workings, but think the hallmark of a very well-written program is one which runs practically flawlessly "out of the box" and has a GUI which is as intuitive to the user as ever could be expected. This is Calibre including its plugins in a nutshell.

The easiest solution may be to restore the pre-thinning backup
This is good advice and will almost certainly do no harm. It does not tell me what went wrong, though. It also sets the Library back to the pre-thinning, pre-restore state – square one.

What about copying the older "metadata_pre_restore.db" to another location, ending Calibre-associated processes outside of Calibre by using Windows Task Manager or TASKKILL /F and then deleting the old "metadata_pre_restore.db" directly? This will leave the most recently modified "metadata.db" and a "metadata_db_prefs_backup.json" file which was modified just before the database restore, about a week ago. The "_backup" in the file name suggests Calibre has another .json with identical preferences somewhere, so I could probably back up "metadata_db_prefs_backup.json" to be on the safe side and delete it as well.

At this point, nothing associated with Calibre should be running. The only database in the main Calibre Library will be the most recent "metadata.db". I'll then wipe all temp directories, reboot, restart Calibre, and see what happens.

Does anyone see any problems (or absence of any advantages) in the procedure above?

I still have a library backup created before starting the clean-up, so I don't think I can do any permanent damage and might even learn something in the process, as unlikely as my history would suggest this could be...


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