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Just saying Hi to everyone on this forum. I've found it to be really informative so far and the depth of knowledge of many of the people here is really quite impressive. What a great resource! I'm in research mode with a target of making a purchase in December when I get my year end bonus, unless some unexpected cash comes my way, then it could be sooner. I'm sure I want a 6 inch screen with a device as thin and light as possible, and then I'd also like touch, and bluetooth (hey, I can wish right?). I think a bluetooth enabled reader linked to a smart phone would be a killer combination. Being able to use the cell phones connectivity to browse the web, and buy books and then transfer them to the reader wirelessly, would utilize the strengths of both machines to best advantage when I'm away from home. I don't need to have all this going on with my first reader, that would likely be unrealistic at any price I'd want to pay ($350), but any company headed in that direction would get my money. I mainly read biographies (just finished Marlon Brando) and Science Fiction (just starting "The Plague Year" now), once in a while I'll throw in an adventure story or an historical novel to the mix.
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