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Cannot get kindle 5 touch to accept packages no mater what i do

I've been beating my head on this thing for three days now At the moment my kindle is stock I flashed to 5.1.2 with Kubrick and updated via amazons normal method. I've followed the instructions in the readme and unzipped the kindle 5.4 jailbreak zip onto the root of my storage then done the update. It seems to work fine and the jailbreak screen pops up. KUAL even works if I put it on there manually but no matter what I do bins put on the root of the storage is deleted the moment I unmount the filesystem and the update button stays grayed out forever. some things like the kindle jailbreak bins work. I've tried using mrpackage installer but it just reports back "package script failed (1), moving on" Does anyone have any suggestions? I have a B011 kindle
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