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Reading the FAQs is certainly a must, however in your case it will not help very much. It is my understanding (correct me if I’m wrong) that calibre can communicate by means of “drivers” with dedicated hardware ereaders. In this way the ebooks are formatted, converted and copied to a place on the device that is readily accessible by the build in ereader software. The A7HT is not a dedicated ereader device; it is a hand held PC and how you access the ebooks will depend very much on what reader software you have installed. This means, that on my opinion writing a calibre driver for the A7HT would be a waste of time.
I happen to own an A7HT, in which, besides many other things, I also read books using Aldiko. Here is how I do it:
1-Import the ebook into calibre. Normally I delete the original file, but keep a back up of the calibre database.
2-If needed, I change the metadata, cover image, etc.
3-Convert to epub, even if it originally in epub format, particularly if “obtained” in the darknet. Those may have all sorts of artifacts that the conversion can heal. Use the default output profile.
4-Quick preview using the calibre viewer. Repeat 3 changing the output settings until satisafied.
5-If no satisfaction, then convert to a non html based format like rtf. Convert back to epub.
6-Mount your A7HT
7-Create a folder on the root of the SD card, name it eBooks/import.
8-In calibre, select connect to folder and browse for the “ eBooks/import “ folder. Note that the calibre toolbar will change.
9-Select the ebooks (in epub format ) you want to copy and click send to main memory.
10- Click eject this device ad unmount (safely remove ) your A7HT.
11- On the A7HT, open Aldiko. Under settings, select import.

Hope this helps.
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