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Some USB devices are pretty generic, like mice and keyboards, while others require specific drivers.

I've seen at least one user say the ethernet USB connector they got off Amazon or eBay didn't work, for example, but I'm not sure if it was simply defective or if it requires a different driver.

Drivers software has to be supplied by enTourage specifically for the eDGe, as far as I understand, and evidently the eDGe can can work with more devices than enTourage officially supports.

So, my rule of thumb is that if enTourage sells an accessory, it's guaranteed to be compatible, and if you get a different model elsewhere, then you're taking a chance that it may or may not work (the exception being keyboards, flash drives, and external USB hard drives).
What Boris says is true-- enTourage has to include a specific driver for USB devices. So it isn't possible to download a driver for a peripheral as you could on a Windows PC, for example. Some drivers are more generic than others, which is why most USB keyboards can work with the enTourage eDGe.