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Originally Posted by jhowell View Post
KFX has only limited support for images in SVG format. Some SVG images will be automatically converted to JPEG by the Kindle Previewer, but others cannot be converted and will cause the conversion to KFX to fail.

The normal solution is to edit the book and either remove or replace the problematic SVG images manually before conversion.

Most likely it worked because the problem SVG image in that book is found on the cover page. Conversion to AZW3 removes the EPUB cover page and replaces it with a JPEG image, eliminating the problem. An SVG image any place else in the book would not have been affected by AZW3 conversion.

It is common for EPUBs to use a cover page with an SVG image that encapsulates a JPEG image in order to show it full screen without distortion. When done correctly the Kindle Previewer can handle that case. Your book probably has an incorrectly coded SVG wrapper.
Thanks, man for explaining the issue and providing the solution.
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