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Originally Posted by Valloric View Post
There are two more fonts on the Reader. The guide only replaces the Dutch Roman font. To get the new font on these other filetypes, you will have to replace those two fonts as well. The guide mentions how you can do just that.

Also, make sure your non-LRF files don't have embedded fonts; those will override the ones on the Reader.
Hi Val,

I think I expessed myself not clear enough:

The problem seems to be, that BEFORE the update, a plain TXT-File was rendered by default with the internal "serif"-Font. Now, AFTER I have changed the (serif)-Font to Caecilia, these (same) txt-files are rendered in "sans serif". I did not change the files nor anything else. It seems to me as if the device now uses the "sans"-font as default. And there are no embedded fonts nor rendering instruction in txt-files.

Could you (or anyone) please check on their (changed) devices, how "plain text"-files are rendered? Just put one on SD-Card and open it.

Thanks in advance!

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