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Yes, I did replace the font in the library.

Disconnecting the cable is not the problem - the fact that it doesn't say "USB connected" at the bottom which it does normally, that ebook library doesn't recognize the Reader and that trying to reflash doesn't work until I reset, insert the sd card and do the option 7 routine, these all suggest that the usb connection procedure is somehow being fouled up.

I tried connecting the Reader to my laptop which has no sony software installed at all and although it was recognised as a new drive the Reader again hung when being disconnected. So the dismounting business is not it sorry to say. And it wouldn't explain the imperfect connectivity when it is connected.
All very strange.
One other observation - when choosing the Localization/unicode fonts option it changes all three fonts in the font folder, not just the serif one that i then overwrite. I did try replacing the other two with the original fonts but the effect was the same and it didnt solve the problem.
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