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Originally Posted by PeterT View Post
I removed a lot of stuff from the "I'm Reading" view by the following SQL

update content 
     set readstatus = 2 
     ReadStatus = 0 and 
     Publisher = 'Gutenberg' and 
     booktitle is null
It's still all on the Kobe; just now marked as finished.
If the readstatus is 0 you just need to set FirstTimeReading to true.
I'm not sure why they use both ReadStatus and FirstTimeReading but they do.

You can try queries like this:
UPDATE content SET ReadStatus=0, FirstTimeReading='True'
WHERE BookTitle is NULL and Title like '%A Book Title%'
Just replace A Book Title with the title of your book. The percent signs act as wildcards. You can remove them as you wish.

This will set the book as completely unread and new to the kobo.
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