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Pocketbook 360 problem with ADE drm'd epub files


I hae had a pocketbook 360 for a week now and I ahve tried everything to get ADE drm'd epub files working on my pB.

I have the firmware update W101.14.2 and my device is aithorized correctly with ADE on my computer. The books transfer to the device, but then when I open them with Adove viewer, I get the meassage that hey are either damaged or protected. I have tried two different ebooks from different suppliers and both suppliers have also been generous and sent me fresh copies of the ebooks, but nothing seems to allow the pb to read the files.

If it helps I purchased the pb360 in Moscow, however I don't think this should have any baring since I downloaded the latest firmware from the PB american website.

Does anyone have any ideas on how to fix this problem without going down the route of taking of the DRM protection?
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