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newbie calibre problem

Am in the process of publishing my first e book. I am working with kobo. I prepared my manuscript in odt and submitted it to them. The first one came back needing compression of the title page acknowledgement page et al.. big spacing between paragraphs and the paragraph indentation didn't take... finally the figures I included needed compression as well...

Fair enough

the situation seemed manageable.

I made the changes best i could to see how far i progressed..

well this 30 page manuscript came back as a 205 page manuscript.. It seemed every paragraph and header merited a page

SO I contacted kobo

eventually they sent me to calibre


the manuscript reduced the pages back to their original number

but the paragraph spacing was now too tight and the paragraph indents were all gone

so as instructed i went to calibre aand hit convert books and then to the look and feel page... and hit the insert blank line between the paragraphs option....and reduced indent size to zero...

Hit the Ok button... was going to start with the paragraphs first

and waited until the spinning icon ended.. then went back to the e pub and nothing had changed except what i thought was a line had been inserted between the first and second paragraph

what am i missing here
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