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I support the following

Originally Posted by LoneTech View Post
With a little experience with my 903, here's my list of wanted features:

#1. Publish the SDK, so we can start improving things - because the current one doesn't work for this model.

#2. Zoom to pen marked region - it's simple, just wait for a stylus stroke and zoom in to the bounding box.

#3. Margin strip - the current zoom is often sufficient to remove left and right margins, but it always leaves the top margin, larger than before. I want to focus on the text, which instead gets pushed off the bottom edge for no reason. The scrolling buttons do not help because the vertical step is much larger than the horizontal.

#5. Publish the sources for the web browser - you appear to be in violation of the LGPL license it is under currently.
one other feature I would like to see...
A system console. Not so much for access to the PB, but to SSH'ing to my own server computer and execute any application from there, like mail, netstat, irc or any other console based app that the landscape of linux has.

As for margin strip, please apply it as well to the applications, like chess.

Also a forum request: if possible, please post once and a while a priority list of features that you are working on to implement or have already implemented, but is not yet released in a firmware update.

We ask a lot, so there for....
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