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Wink And one more suggestion:

Originally Posted by atango View Post
For PB902, I need,

1. bluetooth keyboard and mouse support,
2. Better handling for RSS feed menu and webbrowser (I cannot edit url nor change the default encodings.)
3. If possible, euc-kr (Korean) support.

There are several things I like to have (system font change, default viewer settings, other dictionary format support etc), but it looks like PB removed those functions on purpose.
I would like to add my support for #1 & #2, and the more languages supported, the better, but I also have another suggestion.

I've searched all the PocketBook threads to see if this has been suggested for the 902, found nothing, so I'd like to suggest some sort of option for the g-sensor to allow for page turns with a flick of the wrist, or something similar. I know that the 902 can be in any one of the four cardinal orientations for button access, but there are occasions when they're still not in the right place. As an example, I'm right-handed, and when I go to bed at night, I like to read in bed. My partner likes to lie with her head on my left shoulder, with my left hand on her hip. I can't reach my 902 with my left hand at all, so I've got it resting on my chest, trying to grip it with my right. Unfortunately, with the slippery surface, this means that occasionally, I hit the "Home" key by accident. Not a big deal, but REALLY frigging annoying when you do it five times in 3 minutes. Another example, I'm a regular blood donor (over 65 so far) and I like to read while I'm waiting for the process to finish. Here in Canada, with all the safety checks and such, it now takes approximately an hour to donate half a litre of blood. With the tube in my arm, or putting pressure on that point when the needle comes out, means I gotta sit there for 10-15 minutes doing nothing, when I could be reading.

I've not yet found anything in the configuration menus that allows for any change to the g-sensor functionality, but I really hope something like this could be implemented. Thanks for listening,
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