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PRS+ Change Font Size?

Hello again,

So after tinkering with PRS+ for a while I've been able to get some custom fonts onto the device. One of the things I've noticed however is that I cannot change the font size through css. I read several posts that suggested adding the line font-size: 1em; to the body { } portion of the custom css but this seems to have no effect. I have tried different methods to experiment (1em, 2em, 5pt, 20pt, 105%, 120%) as well as including the !important tag and they have had no effect.

Supposedly this method is supposed to work to modify the M size font (won't work with the other sizes as these are rerendered) but I have not had any luck getting it to work.

On the contrary, margins, line spacing, padding, font style, etc. all take effect so my setup is working properly.

Could someone who has successfully changed their font size using this method please offer some advice?

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