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Originally Posted by ShaunBlake View Post
JP, it would be great if you specified you were asking about the iOS version of CC. (I can't say that you would get any replies, but the Andy users wouldn't be adding to the traffic, and maybe making you feel bad so many people looked but wouldn't help.) jus' sayin' <shrug>

You have really confused me now...I did say:
"When I export the book to Books on the iPad. (for instance) the cover shown there, is correct. (iPad is 11" iPad Pro. OS is version 13.3)"

But you seem to be saying I left something ELSE out that would have helped. I would be happy to...but I really don't understand.

Is there some other version of CC that would run on an iPad? Is there some other OS besides iOS that will run ...and that other people use?

What did I miss ?

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