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Question Companion doesn't always show CORRECT covers

This is a bit hard to explain but here's the try:

My Calibre Companion shows the correct covers when I am just looking at any of the lists (Authors, Titles, Recent....ect.)

But when I click an item, to go to the next page to read metadata, download, send to Read....etc....the cover shown on THAT page is WRONG (way more often than not.) The covers are from other books in the system. All the other metadata is correct.

When I export the book to Books on the iPad. (for instance) the cover shown there, is correct. (iPad is 11" iPad Pro. OS is version 13.3)

If I DISCONECT, and look at the list of items that are "On Device" those covers are wrong almost allways. (Oddly not ALL are wrong, but all that are actually iBooks (epub) are.)

Now, I have LOTS of books in my library (5457), I try to put good covers on all of them. I always update the book if I change the cover, and they show properly on the internal reader.

I have run the Library Maintenance. It sometimes finds a few items like Extra Titles, or Extra Formats (because I haven't converted or something), and those get repaired, but there are no errors found.

Calibre is up to date...I update every time a new version is offered.
The issue has "survived" several updates.

Current version is 4.8 (64 bit)

So...what have I done wrong?
How do I repair it?

(I have tried to provide as much tech info as I understand here, but maybe I missed something.)

Thank you,

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