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Question Factory Reset, Firmware Update and Calibre Library Sync (ebook files on uSD Card)


I keep my ebooks on a uSD Card, and I sync them to my Kobo Aura (2013) using Calibre.

Looking at the files on Kobo's internal memory, it seems that whenever I sync my files, Calibre updates 2 files at the root of my Kobo Aura internal memory:


I'm planinng on doing a factory reset on my Kobo Aura, and then apply a side load firmware update, but I don't want to wipe out the files on my uSD Card nor do I want to resync them all over again from Calibre after the reset+update.

My current plan for that is as follows:
  1. Backup current driveinfo.calibre and metadata.calibre files from internal memory
  2. Switch off the Kobo Aura, eject the uSD Card and then turn the Kobo on
  3. Perform a factory reset using the configuration menu
  4. After the reset, apply a sideload firmware update
  5. After the update:
  • Plug the Kobo using USB cable to the PC where I store my library
  • Restore the driveinfo.calibre and metadata.calibre files to the root of my Kobo Aura internal memory
  • Insert the uSD Card on the Kobo Aura
  • Start Calibre so that I may sync the Collections and other metadata to the Kobo

Would that work? Or is there a different way to do this?

Thanks in advance,


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