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Originally Posted by Kboland View Post
Just got my Vox 2 days ago, but have been following this forum for about a month now in anticipation I have gotten the Google Market up and running without any problems, and have had no indication that my unit suffers from the SOD issues plaguing so many (knock on wood). One thing I do find odd about my unit, and was wondering if anyone else has seen similar behaviour, is that no matter what the setup (be it airplane mode, wi-fi or auto sync on/off or any combination of the 3) the unit while sleeping, turns itself on and displays the lock screen for a few seconds every two minutes like clockwork. This behaviour was present right out of the box, prior to any side-loading or Market setup tweaks. Not the end of the world as I tend to turn it off fully anyway when not in use, but odd none the less. Anyway just wondering if anyone else had seen the same.

Please tell me how you installed the Google market. I have rooted mine with Gingeroot, but still unable to install market. Thx.
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