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Originally Posted by Valloric View Post
Ok, so for your first problem...

You're editing in Book View, right? Then the problem is with WebKit which Qt integrates. To tell you the truth, WebKit is starting to piss me off as much as HTML Tidy (and Tidy has pissed me off a truly great deal). While I can usually beat Tidy into submission by diving into its source code and fixing things, I can't really do this with WebKit.

Doing it for WebKit would mean diverging from the vanilla Qt distributed by Nokia, and that's not something I'm eager to do. It would mean the default Qt libs for Linux systems would no longer apply and people would have to download and compile this custom Qt version if they wanted to compile Sigil directly. Did I mention it takes ~4 hours to compile Qt? And working on the Apple upstream version of WebKit is pointless since Nokia updates their port every six months.

Then there's the elephant in the room: WebKit's huge. It's a whole browser engine, used in Safari and Chrome and a multitude of other applications. Hundreds of thousands of lines of code. Just familiarizing myself with the internal architecture would probably take a couple of months.

So I'm building up frustration with it until I say "oh to hell with it" and then diverge from vanilla Qt and WebKit. I'm currently holding out until Qt 4.6 which should be out in a month or so. If that doesn't solve some of my major grievances, it will be time for more extreme measures.
Is Webkit the same reason for overal Sigil slowness when reflowing text after windows resizing, text editing etc. ?
recorded on Win Vista, Intel C2Q6600 with 4GB RAM. It should be faster
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