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Originally Posted by Jellby View Post
Well, first you should write to FeedBooks support: pointing to this thread. I'm sure they'll like to fix it.

In the meantime, fixing the ePUB is easy:

1. Unzip the .epub file, just as if it were a .zip file. If needed, rename the file to .zip first.
2. Open the OPS/fb.opf file with a text editor (not Word, but something like Notepad), and delete the offending opf:scheme="URI"
3. Add the modified file to the original .epub/.zip (or a backup). With WinZip/WinRar it's probably as simple as drag&drop.
4. Rename the .zip back to .epub if you had renamed it first.
5. Check it in the online validator:

With something like WinZip/WinRar it could be even simpler, they might let you edit the files that are inside the .epub without having to actually unzip it.

SUCCESS!! Thanks for the help guys! I will now report it to feedbooks.
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