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Originally Posted by bliink
The ghosting isn't at a level which is interferring with the reading capabilities but the screen is significantly darker than it was when I first got it. The edges of the screen are still light but the centre of the screen is getting darker and darker.

Right now the issue is just annoying, but I'm getting more and more afraid that the screen is going to darken to the level that reading will be impossible. This is already my second unit (dead line on the first one), and I'd hate to have to return this one as well.
I thought I would bring this to the top again. I have this condition on my reader. Has anyone returned their reader to Sony for this condition?

The darkening of the center gets better on a page turn but returns quickly to the darkened condition. Charging, Resetting to default and unit resetting does not fix the problem. The affect cuts the contrast in that area and is distracting when trying to read.

Any suggestions?

Another rather strange phenomenom I note on my reader. Try it. Looking at the reader at about t 45 degree angle with the reader off I note a ghosting black area in the center of the screen. If I kinda stare at it with unfocused vision I get an aurora type waving and fading. I had my wife do it and she could see the same affect. I is almost like there is a charge floating around on the screen. Strange!!

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