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Adding Backlight

Now I've been wanting to find some way of backlighting my DX since I do 99% of my reading at night in the dark. This means I very rarely use my DX since I believed back lighting was impossible, partly due to both a lack of anyone else back lighting theirs, and being told it was flat out impossible.

Anyway, while I was looking on Ebay to buy a new screen for my DX, again, since it somehow got a small crack in it. When I did the search it came to my attention that the iPad and the DX had the same size screen. I saw that a backlight replacement was available no digitizer , no lcd, from what I can tell it's an thin sheet with led bars on the edges. Going on from this I decided to see if I could find small enough LEDs to do the same, I originally discounted the whole idea because I couldn't find any before, but this time I found a supplier selling super tiny 0402 LEDs.

Now with the iPad backlight I probably wont be able to close the DX case proper, but I'd rather it be fatter than just sitting on a shelf. However, with the individual LEDs I should easily fit them. Then all I'd need is a diffuser. Now I'm just getting started in electronics, I'm fairly adept at SMD soldering, but I'm not sure where I'd make the connection with the iPad sheet, and if I have to use the individual LEDs I'd certainly need help to figure out how to power them and keep them from exploding.

Now I don't get paid again till the 1st and then I'd have to wait the however long it would take for the parts to arrive, but I definitely want to give it a shot. So for now give me your thoughts, is this a viable idea, will I just be destroying my DX, has anyone heard about someone doing this (since I haven't)? Feedback is appreciated
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