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Originally Posted by sirbruce View Post
Can you elaborate a little? I assume this means you can't set the Device Niame, Device E-mail, or Personal Info? When you hit Menu, do you get options Turn Wireless On, Shop in Kindle Store, Disable Annotations Backup, Update Your Kindle, Restart, Reset to Factory Defaults, Legal, Sync & Check For Items?

Anyway, regardless, you can still load and read Amazon and other content to the device via USB.
You are correct. I cannot set all these things because they all require wireless which I cannot turn on.
When I hit Menu, I can get the following:
* Turn Wireless On
* Shop in Kindle Store (which demands turning wireless on)
* Search (which takes me to the search dialog, however wiki/web search is not functional because the device is not registered)
* Settings (which takes me to "Registration" dialog, and nothing else)
* Experimental (where Basic web doesn't work for the same reasons)
and disabled Sync & Check for Items.

For now I'm happy loading my content via USB. Hopefully the wireless issue will be one day solved either by Amazon or generous people on this site
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