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PocketBook 631 Touch HD dictionaries


I have recieved today my first ebook reader (which is, as mentioned in the title, PocketBook 631 Touch HD) and I am pretty disappointed just from the beginning. The main purpose I bought the device was to read some german books with some help of the dictionary. I haven't updated the firmware (which is dated 12 august 2016), so I hope there is some fixes there, but the german to english dictionary is useless right now... It can search only the simple forms (for example, a past form from "see" in german is unrecognizable!) and doesn't work with split-by-newline words.

Do you know any good for learner german to english (or polish) dicitionaries which have also the other forms of verbs and are able to cope with nouns (plural forms) and adjectives? It would be really nice to also get the other forms in the word definition part.

The second thing - do you know any resources where I can find books on lowered levels of german? Also to buy? I saw some ebooks for kindle on amazon, but it looks like there are not so many for the PocketBook...

Thank You for any help in advance!
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