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Epub check tool: ePubs do not pass

Hey all (once again ;-))

I'm using the java epub check tool up on Google Code to validate my epub files. Unfortunately, up till now I haven't managed to create an epub book that passes 100%. Most of the work to get around these errors has to be done by creating valid XHTML files. Which in itself is rather tough already, when you're working on educational material (consequently: lots of tables, figures, lists, footnotes, example boxes, remark boxes, notification boxes, and the like).

But even XHTML that validates, runs into errors when converting them into epub. The best I got was the tool finishing with a few 'unfinished element' messages. I think these have to do with the process of Calibre splitting the XHTML document into multiple HTML files before compressing them into epub format. Defining TOC levels instead of splitting may be a solution, but I haven't found a way yet to *not* have Calibre split my XHMTL into multiple files, and just keeping one big HTML file with multiple TOC elements.
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