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calibre importing kobo books, foolish layout


Linux OpenSuse Leap 15.2
Calibre: 5.24.0
Kobo-desktop: 4.28.15823 installed with wine
DeDRM: 7.2.1
obokDeDRM '7.2.1'

I sum up the problem.

i bought this book

I use calibre and obok plugin for importing this book.
There is no problem for obok removing the drm.
The problem is that obok( calibre ?) produces a book with a foolish layout.
ADE importing from kobo the same book, produces also a foolish layout!

I assume that the format of this ebook is a very special one.
At kobo site it is said "This ebook is a digital version of the paper guide without additional interactivity".
Perhaps this a beginning of an explanation.

I bought another book at kobo site which has a more standard format. There is no problem. drm is removed, and we get a good layout, thus a readable book.

I sent a report to dedrm team. They said it's not a dedrm problem.

Is it a calibre problem ?

see the dedrm report where i exlore the problem.

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