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Originally Posted by Torpido View Post
I've got more or less the same setup as DanFozzy, but for the world of me, can't seem to add files. I mean, when I 'browse' to add files, it shows me /nobody/ folder, but from that folder, I have no way to get to my 'shared' folders on synology.
From the images, I can get to the 'root' of my synology, but I can't find the mount points anywhere
from my 'mount' statement in the CLI

/dev/vg1/volume_1 on /volume1 type ext4 (usrjquota=aquota.user,,jqfm t=vfsv0,synoacl)

But there is no /dev/vg1 when I check the /dev folder, so I don't know how to get to \Calibre_New (where I put my new ebooks)
any ideas?
After playing with Docker for a few weeks, I finally was able to get my Calibre up running!

You can mount a new folder in the Volume tab:
File/Folder: /volume1/*share_to_your_Calibre_New_folder*/
Mount Path: /Calibre_New

So now when you are in Calibre. Click Add books then click My Computer then click on the / root folder, you should see your Calibre_New folder.

Hope this helps.
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