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Originally Posted by Danfozzy View Post
right, ive sussed some so it lol

ive set the mounts up differently so i can put the config and the library into a different area on my Nas and access them (didnt want the config folder to sit inside my library).

ive worked out how to update to the latest by setting the enviroment variable ECHO and value 1.

not had chance to play with the server yet, trying to get the program right first.

im now trying to setup a mounted folder for the auto import use, so when i download a book, calibre will automatically pick it up and place it in my library itself. I can get the mount to recognize the folder i have on my Nas in the calibre app, but everytime i press add book and point to it, it says i dont have the correct permissions

edit - the permissions wasnt set for config foler, sort now all up sand running and auto importing!

Could you type up some instructions on how you got this to run and work? I just got my Synology DS1515+ last week so I'm not all familiar with DSM and Docker.

I did try to install Docker and download and ran the contain but it didn't run, so I guess there are some configuration that you would have to do. So if you could write down the steps you took to get yours working that would be really appreciated!
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