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I think all Android developers should take a good hard look at this before they sink countless thousands of dollars into the Android platform. My next blog will be much more interesting, which will be comparing the figures for a game and app across 4 platforms (Android, iOS, Bada and Blackberry) and multiple app stores

I would hazard a guess that there are a few thousand if not not hundred thousand Android users with the same name. Users do usually leave ratings on the day that an app is released, Day 1 is usually the most popular day for an Android app for many developers, although that may have changed with the removal of the "Just In" section from the Android Market.

Lastly, Funky Cam has had the following ratings:

5 stars x 2
2 stars x 1
1 star x 2

So the response is a bit of a mix. This is to be expected with an app like Funky Cam. It can be a little difficult to use as there are so many different options for the user to change. In addition, no Android developer can ensure that their app works across all Android devices, its impossible without spending a large amount of money on QA houses. Fact is Funky Cam is a unique app and we didn't expect to make millions from it, we put it out there just for users to have fun with. Users that actually paid for the app seem to like it as 66% of them still have it installed.

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