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There is a $30 'gift' advertised on the PB site, but no details, I ordered mine from them 12/25/10 and got a $30 credit to my bookland account. I *thought* I might have seen a condition to buy before 1/1/11 or maybe to buy from their site, but I honestly don't know what if any conditions were required to get the credit (beyond opening a bookland account/registering a PB device) and now clicking on the ad (link below) just takes you to the ordering page no information about it specifically.

Bookland just shows my $30 credit as 'pocketbook activation bonus'.

To 'register' you need to make an account with bookland, email address, first/last name.

Then you add your device by entering your serial number available in a 'register' icon from the home menu (at least on the IQ).

Then you should be given an activation code from bookland that you enter into your PB device, same 'register' icon this activation code has limited letters in it so you won't be shown the full alphabet when entering it.

Now I don't know if bookland waits to see if your device 'phones home' saying it has been 'activated' meaning you got your activation code and entered it into the device or not as part of any account registration or crediting for the 'gift'. I went online numerous times, trying to use the bookland app as well, with my IQ so I don't know if someone did all the above but never went online would have any issues getting the 'gift' or not. It might just credit you when you successfully enter your serial number through the 'add device' function.
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