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Importing a MS-Word formatted into BD gives problems, as styles are not correctly reproduced (re-format completely does not work either). For instance "Normal+Bold" works fine, but "italic1" does not keep the italics in BD. Don't tell me how I got to "italic1" instead of "Normal+Italics", I just did. That's why Word should not be used for complex documents: it thinks ahead of the user when it should not. Easy does not mean good.

Opening and saving RTF file with Wordpad solves this problem, but it also looses footnotes. Will have to check Abiword / to see what happens.

Importing a CSSed HTML file into BD also gives problems. Apparently the HTML has been formatted following OEB standards 1.0.1, so there are no regular HTML tags for bold / italics. Instead, everything is formatted with span tags.

It looks as if BD cannot understand what a format looks like, only how it is expressed. Funny, copying text from IE into Word keeps visual formatting, but not from Firefox. Again, easy does not mean good.

Anyway, BD looks like a powerful tool. Thanks for a good job, I will keep on learning.
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