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Originally Posted by kressg23 View Post
Hi all, After playing with my EZ Reader for a little while today, I've decided I definitely need more fonts. I've copied several into a Fonts folder on my SD card, but they are not yet appearing on my device. I researched here and found that it could be because of the format I'm trying to read. I have non-DRM LIT files. I don't care at all for the default ibookn font. It is very small, and if I bump it to level 2, it flows into a 2nd page, which only has those 2 lines and the rest of the page is blank. Reading landscape is too big and not really my preference anyway. So, for my EZ Reader, which book format is best to convert to? Do any of them flow better so that there are no blank pages? I've been using Calibre. I've also just read about fb2? Can anyone comment?
Hi. Start with fb2 and the .css file from Remove the p + p line, though, because it leaves empty space after a paragraph change. Copy the font files in fonts and crengine/fonts directories - the fb2.css file must be in crengine. Next start modifying the .css till you hit the right view.

Also rtf is very similar (Coolreader handles that one as well) and html isn't bad either, but myself, I use .fb2 principally.
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