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Hey all,
I had the same experience as plaid after updating and lost access to my side-loaded (via Calibre) books. Rather than jump straight to a factory reset, I puddled around deleting the db and hoping that would fix things; it didn't.
Ended up doing a factory reset and reloading a book to get me through the night.

As far as features: Option to Keep Reading or manage your library when plugged into USB is very nice.
Covers during sleep and power off are back, option to auto-power off (or let it stay in sleep mode) are also here.
Resume from sleep mode is quite quick.
Page turns *may* be a wee bit faster, but it could also be a placebo effect Certainly not as fast as what you see on Wifi version (but the Original has a slower CPU, so to be expected).
This is all I've noticed so far. Looking forward to checking out the html document type to see if that truly works.
All in all, a good update.
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