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>> Can you explain why you wanted it out of curiosity?

It was just a thought. I have just started to use your plug-in - thanks by the way - and am using it more and more in different ways. I envision many further reasons to use it.

In particular I have been using it to edit my database of books - I have an extremely large library - but I have also had my books spread out on many computers and many directories, have imported a number of duplicates, etc.

So some of the views I have created are very similar to each other - and not always immediately obvious which I am in at the moment.

I just thought it would be - particularly in terms of looking to future uses - convenient to be able to quickly tell which particular view I was in at any moment.

That's really all the thought was about - just trying to offer constructive ideas for possible development of the plug-in. I appreciate your response and your time in creating this tool. Thanks
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