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Originally Posted by ixtab View Post
Step 1: Start Linux
Step 2: sudo tail -f /var/log/syslog
Step 3: plug kindle (which must be in USB downloader mode).
Step 4: check log. If you see something similar to the output I posted, check that your Kindle has the correct device identifier. If you *don't* see anything like what I posted, run "sudo lsusb" and post its output here.

The above steps are there to verify that your Kindle actually identifies itself correctly. If it does, you can use imx_usb_loader as described here.
And how do you put it in USB Downloaded mode? I'm assuming it's the same thing that Kindle MFG tool or select boot uses which is what my problem seems to be, I can't get it to recognise
I'm sorry I'm such a noob at this >.> at this point I'd be willing to mail it off to get it fixed if I wasn't so stubborn in DIY
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