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franc began at the beginning.
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Oh, indeed, your plugin is a big one

I had a look into Moon Reader's sync file (on Google Drive / DropBox), called name_of_book.epub.po and this is very a simple file, contains just that, e.g.:
and after reading a page it was:
Only to change the percentage at the end in Google Drive doesnt make Moon+ to jump there.

I "only" need an interpreter of Calibres positioning and this Moonreader positioning file.

EDIT: I even don't know how Calibre puts its reading position
Kovid said:
...calibre stores them inside the epub file...
So that is a start. So within Calbire I edit the epub and I found under:
the content:
which I strongly aspect as the right information

I asked the developer of Moon+ Reader how these .po-files work. Hopefully he tells.
If he tells maybe I am able to translate those two formats to each other and update the po file in Google Drive with a plugin. Then I guess I would use the Kobo plugin as a base to develop, but maybe I am widely overestimating myself and underestimating that task :O

EDIT 2018-05-15: The Dev. never told me his secrets, didn't want to
I thought I discovered the scheme, the long numbers were just time-tags (unix-style) and tried to emulate some own reading positions, but this always failed, never I got that working, so I concluded that there is some secret thing in Moonreader to check if the position is really put by Moonreader.
I gave up then

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