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Hello! First, a quick thank you for the absolutely wonderful app! I'm using the latest firmware on my Aura One, with some patches, with KSM 08 and its patch, and KOReader (latest nightly from August). Without this reader, I don't think my Kobo would be worth it.

Now, I seem to have stumbled upon some problems reading files. From what I see, there are some letters and symbols KOReader can't read? At first, I thought there was some bug, but they all open just fine on my PC. Then I thought it's just some fluke with badly put together files, as KOReader usually crashed on them. But then it dawned on me that it might be the filenames themselves.

Basically, it's a definite problem with Russian Cyrillic script (or perhaps any Cyrillic script, but Russian was on-hand), but also with files that have other symbols, like an apostrophe ( ) in some authors' names. While it's not a big deal, as I can and have renamed the files, there is something wrong about having to Latinize Cyrillic script titles. It seems strange that this should happen, and I keep thinking I might have missed something?

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