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Originally Posted by kennyc View Post
I think convergence will continue to some extent. All media appears to be moving to digital format and accessible via the internet. The recent opening of radio spectrum for "Super Wifi" will play into this as well. It's my belief that likely within the decade we (if we do desire) will be "connected" 24/7 and be able to work or play with multiple devices which will be "aware" of our profiles and communicate via the internet with one-another and be able to track our history for our convenience.

That said I believe there will be multipurpose devices -- like my DroidX which I am totally infatuated with -- that allow all manner of access, but also special purpose devices such as TV and Video projectors to provide enhanced experiences of a particular type.

I hate trying to "type" on my phone, but it can do it, I'd love to carry my home desktop with me everywhere but it's not nearly as portable as my Droid.


Google is headed in the right direction to dominate the world.
Hey Kenny;
First allow me to thank you for your words. While a lot of guesses can be right in the general direction, I don't know if any of us know the true direction for sure. Like I said, I am seeing everything becoming capable of everything else. Your idea of "always-on" connectivity is probably closer to the target than you might think at first glance. Although every gig is different, I have to say that when I worked for Sony, you almost always were "on". In some cases it didn't even matter how you got there. Let me explain:
First I almost always carried one laptop and one hyper-connected phone with me where ever I went in San Francisco. However it truly was a case of the right tool at the right time. From work to the train-station and from the train station at the other end, the cell phone (with XTerminal in it) provided connectivity for the time when you were in that sphere. On the train, at home both used either a netbook or laptop to stay connected via VPN and in general, code. A laptop came with me on vacation and on weekends. At work, I used a laptop. In general all three types did coding, image/book reading, connecting to the Internet and more. As time went on and I got more powerful gadgets I was able to reduce the sheer number of them and as a result, functional overlap. The form-facter of most device like things (cellphones, some netbooks) limited what I could do with them in any certain situation but on the contrary, as these were all good coding devices so if I was at a meeting, on the road, etc and a BFO struck I could not only code up the solution but in most cases, test it out as a proof of concept long before I presented it to my employer.
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