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I have some questions about K4 touch debricking

hi, I just have some facts about the kindle touch that i want to know:
1) Is it possible to brick it via the jailbreak and the screensaver mod made by yifanlu?
2) If i bricked it (badly) is it true that i need to physically open the device and mess up with the internal components? Is there a way to debrick it via software or terminal if that's the case?
3) If i jailbreak my kindle and i want to update it, do i need to remove the mods first and then the jailbreak? and after the update do the same jailbreak work for the new version?
4) Can someone post a simple and effective kindle touch debricking guide (with images) for mac?
5) Is it true that in some cases the brick cannot be repaired?
6) why amazon does not let us use our custom screensavers? (what's wrong with them i find most of the preinstalled screensavers perturbing)
sorry about all of these questions and my bad english grammar, I just hope that I am not disturbing you, but i am truly worried because i do not know if it is a good idea to jailbreak it.
thanks for everything and please help =D
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