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Yeah I wish this post was about wine

@zoran: my point is that there are people who buy books from other book strores (like Waterstones in the Uk in my case).
Those books need to go through Adobe Digital Editions before you'd be able to read them on the Kobo.
A small percentage of those people use Linux. ADE works under the Wine Emulator, but it won't recognize the Kobo.
This meant that people like me weren't able to read their ebook on the Kobo just because we choose to run Linux.
I found out that the once you load the ebook in ADE it's authorized already and can be simply copied on the Kobo.
This is very important for me, and others like me.

Moreover, I think Linux, by default, DOES love connect, mount, copy, umounting, disconnect.. what's wrong with that?
I WISH all devices would work as mass storage and no proprietary software should be between me and my device.

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