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Originally Posted by l_macd View Post
You'll need to reconsider your expectations of e-ink technology. It's simply not comparable to the speed of an LCD tablet, smartphone etc. The T3 is one of the most recent releases, same as the Kobo Aura and Kindle Paperwhite (except without the frontlight), no e-ink ereader will feel any faster, if anything, just slower.
That's fair comment.

I appreciate the difference between an e-ink reader and an LCD tablet - that's why I'm not going down the easier tablet route!

I haven't realised just how small a 6 inch reader is though. I found it very hard to highlight text on the T3 without making the font huge. I don't need something small enough to fit in a pocket. The 6.8 inch Onyx Boox T68 would be ideal if anyone eventually stocks it.

Like many of you here, I will continue the search for the ideal Android e-ink reader. In the meantime I will likely succumb to the iPad mini 2 for non-reading purposes.
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