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Originally Posted by HarryT View Post
Many would disagree with this assessment; the Kindle's PDF handling is rather poor compared to most other devices.
Have you tried a Kindle DXG?

I have about 50pdf`s on my DXG, some are 1200 page calculus books, and and others are 500 pages normal books. In none of mye pdfs did i have problem reading the text or the equations and graphs as i had with pro 903. Some of the pdf`s loads slowly, or that page changes takes time, but after starting to read a book and using the bookmark function i usually never have problems reading. With pro 903 it often freezed so i had to restart it, never has happened to the DXG. So DXG could be slow on som large pdf`s, but works and shows all info. Pro 903 freeze, has problems with scaling text and showing graphs.

And 903 is a more expensive than the DXG. And the DXG even has a free 3G connection. I believe the DXG is the best reader on the marked for pdf`s.

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