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Originally Posted by wallcraft View Post
Can you still jump to the next chapter, even if the chapter marks are not present?

My initial assumption was that the Kindle 2 is keying on the table of contents to produce the chapter marks, but comments in another thread suggested otherwise.

My 2nd guess is that these are in the .mbp file, perhaps put there by the Amazon server (if so then they will only work on whispernet delivered content) but since new content is processed on the Kindle to index it perhaps this could instead be done on the Kindle after delivery. One simple test would be to delete the .mbp file associated with the .azw ebook and see what happens.

Hm, yes, I was negligent in my initial post by not actually saying the problem...heh..the problem is, as you surmised, that I can't jump from one chapter directly to the beginning/previous or next chapter with the 5-way controller...

And I did have to download it from Amazon via Whispernet from my "Archived Items" list, as I'd purchased it with my Kindle 1, returned the K1, and now have the K2...

...I don't know about the .mbp I look for them in the Kindle's file system when it's connected to my computer, then? Tho, if those are generated by the Kindle post-download, this should be a new one generated by the K2 after having just downloaded it, no?

So...since this is both a Whispernet delivered item and newly so to this Kindle 2...the chapter jumping *should* be there, no matter which scenario you suggested is true, right?


What else is stored in the .mbp file? If I get rid of it, would I lose my bookmarks and whatever annotations, also?
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