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Originally Posted by yar57 View Post
Is there a way in Notes with likebook mimas to move a single page from one notebook to another? Or to a different location within same notebook? Thanks
You can select whole page with selection tool or whatever it is called ('arrow' between 'eraser' and 'template') then tap on 'copy' (two squares) then you can paste it anywhere you want inside Notes via 3 dots menu. Not stupid if it works but still stupid

Originally Posted by likebookstore View Post
Boyue company have more than 100 people and around 20 developer+7 testers, becuase they have many other projects not only likebook, they also have a lot customized firmware for bookseller or schools or OEM brand, that's why sometime update new fimrware a litter later, they are worknig new generation firmware which looks more powerful.
Well, i was figuratively speaking, but good to know. Ain't much but it's honest work hope your people can keep up with such tempo. We have 12 devs and 3 testers including me, that's why i presumed that you also may have small development team. And that's why we shouldn't expect big changes in coming updates, but at least you fix critical issues.
Speaking of updates. It seems that new update finally fixed Notes crashing (or almost) and i can work with it safely

Two questions:
1) Do you know anything about support lifecycle of Mimas? I mean, how long we'll be getting updates...
2) Will Boyue consider any change requests?
Not speaking about global things like refactoring whole Airbook app and splitting it into 3 different apps (Launcher, Notes, Reader) but something like expanding existing features.

For example:
Add option to change display orientation otherwise when you read books in 2-page mode. I have to remove pen and put it somewhere else because pen is on the right side of the reader cover and i can't put reader on my knees because of that while reading. It would be better with pen on top. Also volume buttons will be under your right thumb when you hold reader. Convenient.

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