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Originally Posted by Magnus View Post
I'm quite naive here... but I noticed that when I run the plugin I get:

Looking for non dc: elements in manifest
Removing child: {}meta

After I've modified the ePub, the result persists when I again run the plugin. Why is that? What have I overlooked?
Happens here too. Seems to be related to the "Update metadata (including covers)" function of the Modify ePub Plug-In.

Steps to reproduce:
  1. Pick a book that surely has no "Non dc: Metadata"
  2. Do an "Update metadata (including covers)" from the Modify ePub Plug-In
  3. Scan again with "Quality Check" --> "Non dc: Metadata"
  4. Result: Book is shown as having non dc: metadata
It seems that the "Update metadata (including covers)" somehow adds the "{}meta" tag, which then is identified by Quality Check.

Hope this helps
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