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Originally Posted by DiapDealer View Post
Is it just non-Amazon books that behave this way? Or Amazon purchased books too?
Is it an isolated problem with one or two books, or every single book you've tried?
Is synchronization turned on (on your "Manage My Kindle" Amazon account page)?
Is Annotation backup turned on your Kindle4Blackberry App?
- It's all Amazon purchased books.
- Not isolated - every book I've tried.
- Synch is turned on.
- Annotation backup on the Blackberry App? Can't find how to set that option on the App.

I don't think annotation backup has anything to do with it. The Kindle synchs to the last page read on the BB, but the BB doesn't synch to the last page read on the Kindle. When I close the book on the BB, I notice that it explicitly states that it is uploading the furthest page read. How can I "force" the kindle to do the same? Closing the book and waiting for the Kindle to go to sleep doesn't seem to be working. 3G wireless is turned on (it's a K2i - no wifi).

Put the kindle to sleep... It will update shortly there afterwards.
That's the doesn't update shortly (or ever) afterwords.

Thanks for the help.
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