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Originally Posted by hrickh View Post
Not that I'm for DRM - I'm definitely not - but a quick search for O'Reilly books on a couple different torrent and filesharing sites comes up with gigs of ebooks from them.

They *EASILY* show up.

Most of those books where there well before ereaders became popular and they are all in PDF, which all come from a different aspect of the scene. Try finding a mobi or epub version of one of their popular books. PDF's are not ebooks btw, they have been around for decades both with and without DRM. Most pirated PDF books come from paper books or publishers, not from drm decryption.

Its similar to saying pirated movies and music come from media payed for by consumers, they don't, they almost never do. Thats simply not the way media gets into piracy circles. The same is true for books.

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