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Originally Posted by llasram View Post
I noted that mobigen would produce these records if provided OPF with an NCX TOC, but I as nothing seemed to use them in any useful way (Mobipocket Desktop just uses them to show what "chapter" you're currently in) I didn't look into them much further.
Ahh okay. That sort of confirms what I'm seeing ... these records seem to be in the .mobi file, but the kindle2 just ignores them.

Anyway, what is it that isn't working? Is the file not displaying at all, or is the TOC just not displaying as expected?
Yeah. As you noted, those records don't seem to be displayed or used in any way on the Kindle2. On the other hand, creating a file called toc.html then adding a "guide" section to the .opf file seemed to help:

  <reference type="toc" title="Table Of Contents" href="toc.html"/>
Of course I had to also add said document to the manifest.

So perhaps that's the answer?
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