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Calibre ePub TOC and Sigil

I apologize before hand if this is more of a Sigil issue, but it only happens to me with ePub books I've generated/converted with Calibre, so I am going on a hunch that it has something to do with ePub generation with Calibre.

I have converted all of my LRF files to ePub in my Calibre library. When I open these ePub books with the Calibre ePub viewer, or inside my Sony Reader, the TOC displays fine.

However, every single ePub that I have opened in Sigil after conversion with Calibre does not recognize that a TOC exists. Furthermore, if I make some edits in Sigil and save, the TOC is completely removed (which makes sense, as when the file was opened it was telling me the file had no TOC.)

Has anybody else encountered this issue? After peeking into the ePub file after Sigil has saved it and comparing it to my original Calibre ePub, I notice that the structure inside is quite different. Relevant?

I have worked around the issue thus:
1. Open ePub from Calibre DB with 7-zip and save the toc.ncx to the folder where the ePub is located.
2. Edit the ePub with Sigil and Save. (This creates a toc.ncx file in the new ePub that has no TOC entries.)
3. Edit the toc.ncx file that I saved to the folder and adjusts the paths to the new ePub folder structure that Sigil generated when saving.
4. Replace the empty toc.ncx file in the ePub with my edited one that I fixed the paths on to match the new ePub structure.

Kind of a bear to have to do this every time I want to edit en ePub in Sigil that is in my Calibre DB and preserve my TOC.

I am using the latest version of Calibre on Windows. Any suggestions or help would be much appreciated.
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